The probe allows to subscribe to MQTT topics and get data from connected IoT-devices.

Connection to MQTT broker can be set up in the section MQTT of the server configuration file.

Settings example

TopicMQTT topic that server is subscribed to.
Expiry period
Time period, during which the received data are valid (0 - unlimited).


After the check has been done result is displayed in the Data table:

Field           Description
topicMQTT topic specified in sensor settings.
message.X.YMessage received from MQTT broker.

Command-line utility

This check is the counterpart of the terminal program mosquitto_sub:

mosquitto_sub -v -t saymon_virtual
saymon_virtual {"L1":{"line":"L1","I":"12.77","U":"219.42"},"L2":{"line":"L2","I":"3.59","U":"221.31"},"L3":{"line":"L3","I":"5.18","U":"219.09"}}