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SAYMON документация

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This manual describes the step-by-step process of installing an agent to Wiren Board 6 automation controller.

Special thanks to svdu user from Wiren Board forum.


  1. Download the archive with the agent.

  2. Unpack it to the folder  /opt/saymon-agent/.

  3. Download archive with JDK (site registration is required).

  4. Unpack the archive to the folder temp,
    copy the directory  jre from there to /opt/saymon-agent/.

  5. Execute the following commands:

    useradd -M -r -s /bin/false -K MAIL_DIR=/dev/null saymon
    chown -R saymon:saymon /opt/saymon-agent
    cp /opt/saymon-agent/systemd/* /etc/systemd/system
    systemctl enable saymon-agent
    service saymon-agent start

Agent configuration

If necessary, the agent configuration file  /opt/saymon-agent/conf/ can be modified.

Log files

Agent logs are recorded to the directory  /var/log/saymon.

Logs can be disabled with modifying the file  /opt/saymon-agent/conf/logback-upstart.xml:

Logs enabled
<root level="INFO">
<appender-ref ref="FILE-INFO"/>
<!--<appender-ref ref="FILE-DEBUG"/>-->
<!--<appender-ref ref="SYSLOG"/>-->
Logs disabled
<root level="INFO">
<!--<appender-ref ref="FILE-INFO"/>-->
<!--<appender-ref ref="FILE-DEBUG"/>-->
<!--<appender-ref ref="SYSLOG"/>-->

Agent service

It is possible to check agent status, start, restart or stop it with the following commands respectively:

service saymon-agent status
service saymon-agent start
service saymon-agent restart
service saymon-agent stop
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