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SAYMON документация

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Widgets are graphical objects to visualize data from End View of objects and links.

Widget can be added to any object with the data from any other object in the system to create dashboards or reports.

Widgets are displayed:

To add new widget:

  • press  button in Breadcrumbs panel;
  • choose widget type;
  • choose the object you would like to get data from (the default is the current object);
  • and metric or graph to display;
  • set widget specific parameters:

To edit or delete a widget:

  • place cursor over the widget;
  • wait for edit and delete buttons to appear;
  • press the respective button.

To reorder widgets just drug-and-drop one.

For most of widgets, e.g. Counter and Ring, it is possible to hide and change label text (name of the metric) and display min/avg/max value, its count, sum and deviation for period:

Sometimes it is requered to publish a widget on an external site. To do this:

  • hover your mouse over the widget;
  • click on an appeared icon "Widget code";
  • copy and paste HTML-code on your page.

For embedded widgets of counters and graphs, the followind data is available, which are saved when the widget is published on an external site:

  • manual period setting;
  • header setting.

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