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By default, a SAYMON administrator can create new users via graphical interface (see User and Group Management) or LDAP. Also, the administrator can configure SAYMON to let users register by themselves.


In order to setup "self-registration" it is necessary to:

  1. In the User subsection of the Server section of the server configuration file  /etc/saymon/saymon-server.conf
    set the variable auth_enabled to true:

        "user": {
            "auth_enabled" : true

  2. In the same section configure the Email subsection.

  3. In the client configuration file /usr/local/saymon/client/client-config.js
    add the parameter  authEnabled and set it to true:

    authEnabled: true,
  4. Restart SAYMON:

    sudo service saymon-server restart


After the configuration is successfully completed, users can register in SAYMON by themselves:

  1. Open the web interface and click the button  Registration.

  2. Enter login, email address, password, password confirmation and captcha and click the button

    Password requirements are displayed when there are valid password policies.

  3. Follow the link from the email notification to confirm the registration.

    The text of the email notification can be changed in notification templates.

Interface language can be selected at the top right corner of the registration window:

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