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It is possible to create to 10 000 unique user accounts in the control system. The accounts are stored in the system in syphered form (md5-hash).

This section allows to:

  • create and remove users and groups;
  • change user permissions, access to objects;
  • set Event log filters.

The section consists of a list of users and groups. Search within the list is implemented by the filter button . Clicking the button  adds a new user or group.

Log of user's actions can be seen in the table Activity.

Information from the table Activity can be transferred to high-level systems via REST API.

User groups allow to simplify users' rights setting up and editing. With necessity to set up to several users identical

it is suffice to create a group, assign the necessary rights to it, and add the users to the group. It is possible to edit the group later.

Rights from a user and their group are sum up. In order to allow a user to perform various actions in the system, it is necessary that corresponding rights have been assigned to either the user or their group.

Users are marked in the list with the symbol . The symbol marks user groups.

On the right there is a set of tabs to view and change the properties of the selected user/group.

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