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SAYMON документация

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Changing default password

After installation it is possible to authorize in the system web interface using the standard account with maximum rights:

  • login: admin
  • password: saymon

It is recommended to change the password or create a new account with maximum rights and delete the standard one.

Restricting access to databases

It is recommended to configure authorization in databases in order to restrict access to information.

Detailed actual instructions are available in the documentation from developers:

Accounts for access to databases need to be added to the corresponding sections of the server configuration file.

As an additional option, access to cli-utilities provided with databases, can be restricted:

sudo chmod 700 /usr/bin/mongo
sudo chmod 700 /usr/bin/redis-cli

Restricting access to configuration files

The server configuration file contains passwords for connecting to databases. It is recommended to restrict access to these files with the following command:

sudo chmod 700 /etc/saymon/
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