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This window allows to search objects by different criteria and change their settings of:

The button  on the Views panel opens the Bulk operations window:

In this window it is possible to enter:

  • object name*;
  • object class - select in the dropdown list;
  • parent - select in the dropdown list;
  • state - select in the dropdown list;
  • the date of object creation - it is possible to specify both the date and the time interval;
  • property* - enter the name and its corresponding value,
    • with the absence of value, switch the slider NA (Not available) to YES;
  • tags;
  • owner - enter the name or select the user in the drop-down list.

* The fields Object name and Property are case-insensitive and support the symbol * to use search masks.

To activate the search, click the button. After that, the set of objects, matching the search criteria will appear. With selecting one or several objects, the information window appears on the right. The selected objects are marked with orange background. 

The button  drops the entered data and results of the last search.

To save changes made with the window, it is necessary to click the button .

Selected objects can be deleted by clicking the button . The amount of selected objects are in the brackets.

The button  allows to export the properties of the selected objects into an Excel file that contains:

  • object name;
  • date of object creation;
  • property name;
  • property value.

To exit the Search and group operations mode it is sufficient to switch to any other view.

Objects' links follow to the objects' simplified default view.

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