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SAYMON документация

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To enable SMS and Voice Call notifications, please follow the steps described below:

  • create a copy of default settings file (if not created earlier):

    cp /usr/local/saymon/target/client/js/default-client-config.js /usr/local/saymon/target/client/js/client-config.js

  • add enableSmsTrigger: true and enableVoiceCallTrigger: true to the new custom settings file ( /usr/local/saymon/target/client/js/client-config.js ) as follows:

    define(['utils/common'], function(common) {
    	  return {
    	    enableVoiceCallTrigger: true,
    	    enableSmsTrigger: true,

  • open server configuration file to edit:


  • navigate to server section and add paths to the scripts to send SMS notifications or establish voice calls:

    "sms_script": "path to script to send sms-notifications"
    "voice_call_script": "path to script for voice calls"
  • restart saymon-server service to apply changes:

    sudo service saymon-server restart

Specified scripts are executed with the following arguments: phone number, object ID, object name, object state.

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