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SAYMON документация

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Package content

The package contains 4 files:

  • saymon-docker-compose-source.yml | YAML file with Saymon-cluster configuration;
  • .env-source | file with environment variables for containers of Saymon-cluster. It contains the actual port numbers for the cluster components and some other information, which is needed for the nodes configuration;
  • | BASH-script, which downloads docker-images, configures nodes and starts Saymon-cluster;
  • | a readme file with instructions.

Cluster content

The package is provided with the docker-cluster, which contains SAYMON and makes available to start SAYMON on a single host.

SAYMON-cluster consists of 10 containers:

  • Saymon-server | core SAYMON platform's component;
  • Saymon-client | web-based user interface for SAYMON platform;
  • Saymon-agent | software monitoring agents for SAYMON platform;
  • Saymon-extensions | extensions which provide additional functionality or custom UI to SAYMON installation;
  • Redis | in-memory key–value database, using as a cache;
  • MongoDB | document-oriented NoSQL database;
  • OpenTSDB | distributed and scalable time series database;
  • Kafka | distributed publish-subscribe messaging system;
  • Mosquitto | message broker for MQTT;
  • Zookeeper | service for maintaining configuration information.

Installation requirements

  • Docker version 20.10.0 or higher.
  • Docker-compose version 1.27.0 or higher.
  • Current user must be included into the groups sudo and docker.

Starting the system on a local host

In order to start the system it is necessary to:

  1. Unpack files from the package to the separate directory.
  2. Check variables in the .env-source file contain needed port numbers.
  3. Run the BASH-script
    Script parameters:
    • -h | show this instruction;
    • -v | verbose mode: start saymon-cluster in foreground and show log on the screen (by default silent mode in background);
    • -s | stop saymon-cluster in background.

The script:

  1. Checks hardware and software environments for requirements compliance.
  2. Copies the saymon-docker-compose-source.yml file to the saymon-docker-compose.yml and the .env-source file to the .env.
  3. Takes the current user's name as the suffix for the nodes names and makes proper substitutions in the saymon-docker-compose.yml" and the .env files "on fly".
  4. Downloads all the docker-images from the repository and starts the docker-compose cluster.

Known errors while starting and ways of solving

Default ports NN,NN,NN... are occupied

To solve this error:

  • find these ports in the configuration file .env_source and mark them as a comment;
  • uncomment proper alternative ports.

ERROR: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space

To solve this error:

  • find in the configuration file .env_source environment variable SAYMON_NETWORK_RANGE and mark it as a comment.
  • uncomment proper alternative network range.
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