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In this section it is possible to form a set of predefined actions. The actions are executed with:

Operations can be used in order to:

  • change state of controlled object/link,
  • change parameters of controlled object/link,
  • obtain data from controlled object (parameters, configuration, software version etc), upload software updates to the object.

This section is available only for users with rights to run operations.

Only users with rights to manage operations can add, edit and delete operations.

It is possible to add a set of default operations to an object class in the System configuration window.

Events of operation launchings and results of operation executions are recorded into the log, indicating the time and initiator.

Control buttons:

| execute operation;

| change operation;

| delete operation.

There are two opeations types, the fields depend on the selected type:

  • MQTT message sends a message using the MQTT protocol.

Fields description:

Field         Description in program / scriptDescription in MQTT
NameOperation name displayed in the web interface.

Dropdown list with available operation types.


Dropdown list with available subtypes:

  • Program/script in file system - previously created file stored on the server.
    • The name or the full path to the script must be specified.

  • Script from repository - script created and added to the system repository earlier.
    • The script can be selected from the drop-down list.

  • Script with text - manual script input.
    • The script text must be entered.

MQTT topic to send message.

MQTT message text.
ArgumentsArguments to pass to the script. Optional field.
DescriptionExplanation to the operation.

The following variables can be used in operations:

  • {{id}} - ID of the object, in which the operation is executed;
  • {{properties.property_name}} - property value of the object, in which the operation is executed (the name of the property is specified in the variable);
  • {{jobId}} - ID of the executed operation;

    The identifier is unique for each execution, details are in the REST-API documentation.

  • {{}} - ID of the user, who has executed the operation;
  • {{user.login}} - login of the user, who has executed the operation.

The variables are used in:

  • the topic and the message of the operation type MQTT message;
  • the script of the operation type Program/script execution - Script with text.
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