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This section contains a set of scripts that can be executed by users.

If you have rights, adding, editing and deleting operations for a particular object is available in its End View.

You can also add a set of default operations to the object class in the configuration window in Object classes management section.

Control buttons:

- execute operation;

 - change operation;

 - delete operation;

 - add operation.

There are two opeations types, depending on the choice of which the fields number and content to be filled in vary:

  • MQTT message sends a message using the MQTT protocol.

Fields description:

FieldDescription in program / scriptDescription in MQTT
NameOperation name displayed in web interface

Drop-down list with available operation types.


Drop-down list with available subtypes:

  • Program/script in file system - previously created file stored on the server.
    Specify binary name or full path to the script.
  • Script from repository - script created and added to system repository earlier.
    The script can be selected from the drop-down list.
  • Script with text - manual script input.
    The script text is entered.

MQTT topic to send message.

MQTT message text.
ArgumentsArguments to pass to the script.
DescriptionSome valuable description for the created operation.

You can use following variables in operations:

  • {{id}} - ID of the object, where the operation is executed;
  • {{properties.property_name}} - value of the object property, where the operation is executed (please specify the name of the property to use its value);
  • {{}} - ID of the user, who executes the operation;
  • {{user.login}} - login of the user, who executes the operation.

You can use variables in:

  • the topic and the message of "MQTT message" operation;
  • text of the script of "Program/script execution → Script with text".

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