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SAYMON документация

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Any monitored infrastructure in the system is represented by the set of objects and links between them.

Object is an entity of any nature. It can represent both phisical devices like server, processor or router, and more abstract logic items such as business-metrics or services.

Objects can have an unlimited number of child objects. Nested objects form a hierarchy whose number of levels is also unlimited.

Also any object can have an unlimited number of parents. The multi-parent allows the object with the state changed conditions, properties, etc. to be displayed in different branches of his parents and to influence on them.

The most general example is a Server as the 'parent' object that consists of CPU, RAM, File System and RDBMS as the 'children' objects, where  RDBMS at the same time can be 'parent' object for one or several separate database 'children' objects.

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