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Reference is a special type of object to display already configured in the infrastructure objects in its other parts, such as dashboards.

To create a reference:

  • press  button;
  • choose object in a dropdown list;
  • press CREATE button.

Please keep in mind the following features and restrictions:

  • an object and its reference cannot belong to the same parent object in hierarchy:

  • a reference can not be created for the object, located on the upper levels of the same branch of the hierarchy:

  • references have got their own widgets (to add a widget place cursor over the reference and press appeared  icon);
  • references have got their own settings to show and hide properties (place cursor over the reference and press appeared "i" icon);
  • reference rename changes object name it refers to, and vice versa;
  • a link, created for 2 references, creates the link between their objects, and vice versa;
  • click on a reference opens the object it references and transfers user to the respective part of the infrastructure.
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