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Object context menu is a dynamic menu that appears after the right clicks on the object:

The same menu can be opened by the right click on the object in the Navigation panel

The possible menu fields are described in the table below:

Field                        Description

Active alarmsIt opens the active alarms table for the object.

Alarm historyIt opens the alarm history table for the object.


It shows a pop-up window with a list of properties of the object.

Specify coordinates

It opens a map, where location of the object can be selected, if coordinates have not been set for the object.

Show on mapIt displays the object on a map if coordinates have been set for the object.

Open SSH terminal

It opens an SSH terminal which provides simplified access from the Web UI to the server terminal and allows to administrate the server.

By default, it is displayed in the menu only for objects of the class Host. For objects of other classes it is displayed if the object has the filled property address  or ip. If both properties are filled, value of the address  one is used.

CloneIt clones the object and its child objects with all documents and properties.

RenameIt changes the name of the object.

DeleteIt deletes the object, references to the object, links with the object, and its child objects with all its documents and properties.

OperationsThe list of operations for the object. Any operation can be executed with the menu.
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