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In this section it is possible to


The section consists of a list of the existing classes, for which it is possible to change:

  • name;
  • description;
  • default view for selected class;
  • object dimensions;
  • display mode in tree;
  • background image.

There is the option Unclickable in the dropdown list Default view. This option blocks clicking objects in the Navigation panel and all of the display modes.

In order to open the End view of the object with Unclickable as the Default view:

  1. Switch to the Standard view or Grid view.
  2. Put the mouse cursor over the object.
  3. Click the icon .
  4. In the opened Info modal window click the icon .

A new class can be created by clicking the button .


This section includes two fields:

  • name;
  • value.

If the field Value is empty, the property will be created with empty value.


Operations can be created in the same way as for object settings.


The following columns are available by default:

IDThe unique object identifier.
Name The name of the object with an icon specified for this class.
State The status of the object.
Widgets Displaying of the widgets (counter, ring, circle, chart, button).
TimeDate and time when the object got the current state.
DurationThe time during which the object is in the current state.

It is possible to add more columns using the panel:


  • Metric name is the metric name which value is taken from the Data table, for example «percentageUsage.combined» (case-sensitive);

  • Colunm name is an arbitrary name displayed in the table header instead of the metric name, for example «CPU Download,%» insted of «percentageUsage.combined».

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