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In this section it is possible to setup check settings, which is represented by this object or link.

The number of fields to fill varies depending on the probe type. All possible probe types are described in Monitoring and checks settings section.

Description of the most common fields:


The name of the registered in the system agent with ID and paths in the hierarchy.

By default the system attempts to define the nearest agent in hierarchy.

Using the  button, you can get detailed information about the selected SAYMON Agent.

Probe type

Selection of the probe type on the basis of which the monitoring process will be carried out.


Timeout field defines time to wait check completion from the moment of its execution. If the check is not completed in this period, the object changes its state to ALARM ON OBJECT with the respective error, e.g.  Sensor error!Ping exited with errorexit code: 1.

PeriodPeriod field defines time to wait for the next check execution from the moment of its previous completion.

The example of monitoring setting with the probe type Ping:

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