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In this view child objects and links are grid aligned:

In the section gridView of the client configuration file it is possible to set up:

  • number of objects in a row,
  • width of rectangles,
  • height of rectangles,
  • indent between rectangles.

Object displaying and sorting

There are two drop-down lists above the grid:

  • Only display objects in states: 
    A list of states can be set here. Only the objects and links in one of the specified states will be displayed in the grid.

  • Sort by: 
    One of the sorting criteria can be set here:
    • Name | objects and links are sorted in alphabetic order;
    • State | objects and links are sorted according to priorities of states, beginning with the most critical state.

Widget displaying

There is the icon at the top right corner of objects with configured widgets. With clicking the icon the detached window with all of the widgets is opened:

For objects with configured widgets the first widget is displayed on the object:

Size of the widget depends on the size of the object.

The widgets Structure and Section are not displayed on objects. If an object has other widgets, then the next widget from the list is displayed.

When the mouse cursor is moved over the widget the following appear:

  • label,
  • icon (widget code),
  • icon (modify widget),
  • icon (remove widget).

View features

The Grid view has the following features:

  • links between objects are displayed as rectangles, similarly to objects;
  • any object, even one which is displayed as SVG-image, is a rectangle;
  • any object, even one which has an image as background, has background color which corresponds to the object state;
  • child objects are not displayed on rectangles.
  • No labels