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SAYMON документация

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This article describes how you can save data for one SAYMON installation and transfer/recover this data for another one.

Exporting data

To export data from MongoDB to an archive for a current installation, run the following command:

mongodump -d saymon -o mongodb_backup

We also recommend you to create a copy of the /etc/saymon directory, which contains server configuration files, and a copy of the client configuration file  $SAYMON_ROOT/target/client/client-config.js ( $SAYMON_ROOT - is a directory where SAYMON is installed). In some cases, client-config.js can be stored in another directory. You can find this directory either by checking an nginx configuration file or using the command below:

sudo find / -name "client-config.js"

Importing data

To recover/import data to MongoDB for a new installation, run the command below:

mongorestore --drop --noIndexRestore mongodb_backup
echo flushall | redis-cli

To import configurations, copy the previously saved server configurations files to /etc/saymon. Then, copy the client configuration file to the  $SAYMON_ROOT/target/client directory ( $SAYMON_ROOT – is a directory where SAYMON is installed).

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