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SAYMON документация

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Chart is the widget to plot graphs.

This widget allows to display:

for the last:

  • 1 hour;
  • 3 hours;
  • 12 hours;
  • 1 day;
  • 3 days;
  • 1 week;
  • 1 month.

Additional fields:

Display legendDisplays or hides the legend - to display the metric name.
Graph typeConvert the line chart to the bar chart.
Moving AverageAllow to plot trend graph .

There is also "Scale values" slider for multigraphs, that makes it possible to compare data with different dimensionality. E.g. you check CPU load and get  averageCpuLoad.fiveMinutesAverageLoad metric with 0-4 range and  percentageUsage.combined metric with 0-100 range. In this case  averageCpuLoad.fiveMinutesAverageLoad graph will look like straight line because of its tiny range comparing to  percentageUsage.combined one. So "Scale values" feature allows to normalize values of such metrics from different objects for their better visualisation and understanding.

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