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SAYMON документация

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System archtecture includes three levels.

  • Client is represented by thin web client of the system and clients for Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Server is a centralized server on which data from agents are stored and analyzed, then the data are transferred to the client. Server also keeps information about user accounts.
  • Agent is a set of system agents, which are installed on infrastructure nodes and gather information about the nodes. 

System architecture diagram:

Highest-level systems connect via server interface, using SNMP, to transport alarm messages. "Heartbeat" mechanism for efficiency control of the connection is realized with the same way.

Protection of the network connection is provided by equipment and software from other developers.

In order to maintain growing traffic, the system productivity can be extend with scaling.

There might be several ways of scaling:

  • adding resources from virtual infrastructure,
  • optimizing software parameters.

If you have got any questions please contact us by e-mail address or Telegram support channel.

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