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Incidents are divided to the lists  Active alarms and Alarm history.

Records from the history can be removed without the possibility to restore using Remove item in the alarm context menu.

Sorting can be implemented by any column of the table, including the Severity one.

It is possible to open any of the parent objects of the trouble entity via the Path column. If the multi-parent mode is active on any level of the hierarchy, the object name of this level is highlighted in bold. When click on such an object the list of all parent objects with links to them is opened:

Objects' links follow to the objects' simplified default view.

When an incident is CLEARED, it is moved from Active alarms to  Alarm history in two minutes by default. If necessary, this timeout can be changed with the incident_timeout parameter in the server configuration file. Its value is equal to the timeout in milliseconds:

  "server" : {
    "incident_timeout": 3600000,
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