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SAYMON документация

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Agent configuration file ../saymon-agent/conf/ contains the following parameters:

General settings:

  • - "SAYMON Agent" object ID in web interface;

  • agent.activeMode - switches agent active mode, that minimizes delays in sending information to the server, but generates additional traffic;
  • agent.maxParallelTasks - limits the number of simultaneous tasks performed by the agent (use 0 or negative for unlimited);
  • agent.discoveryEnabled - enables discovering of network devices by the agent (please specify  discovery_parent_id parameter in  server section of  /etc/saymon/saymon-server.conf configuration file).

Server settings:

  • - address of the server of the system;
  • server.port - Kafka (9092) or Redis (6379) port to connect to the server of the system;
  • server.password - Redis password to connect to the server of the system;
  • server.maxConnections - limits the number of simultaneous connections of the agent to the server (2 is minimum).

SNMP-Trap settings:

  • agent.snmpTrapEnabled - enables agent to receive traps;
  • agent.snmpTrapListenPort - port to receive traps;
  • agent.snmpTrapReceiverThreadPoolSize - number of threads to receive traps.

To learn more about SNMP Trap functionality please refer to Event Log and Monitoring and checks settings sections.

# SAYMON Agent configuration file.

# Agent ID.
# 1. Find a host in the model, which corresponds to this host, where the agent
#    is being installed.
# 2. Find a SAYMON Agent object on this host (if not present - create it).
# 3. Specify the ID of a SAYMON Agent object as a value of this property.
# Value 0 means agent will attempt to register on server automatically
# and receive it's ID during handshake.

# Enables/disables active mode.
# In active mode the agent will notify the data server with additional message on
# each new sensor reading. This allows for faster system reaction to state changes,
# but introduces some additional traffic. Disabling active mode on some agents
# allows to unload the server in case this is needed.

# SAYMON Server connection parameters.

# SNMP trap settings.

# Maximum number of parallel tasks (0 or negative means unlimited).

# Discovery settings.
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