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When objects change their states system can:

At simultaneous or frequent state changes the system can send grouped notification about all events that have occurred over predefined period. The value of this period can be specified by notification_buffering_period option in server section of /etc/saymon/saymon-server.conf file.

If the connection is frequently disconnected, it is possible to turn off notifications, then the connection messages will be displayed in the console. To do this, change the value of the  hideConnectionStatusNotifications parameter in the custom settings file.

Due to states propagation mechanism these actions can be set both to children and parent objects on any level of hierarchy.

To learn more about states propagation please refer to States priopity and propagation section.

позволяет задать промежуток времени, в течение которого объект должен находится в выбранном состоянии, чтобы соответствующее уведомление сработало.

The  button allows setting a minimum time duration, during which an object should stay in a specified condition to run a corresponding action.

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