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SAYMON - the visualization and monitoring platform.

The documentation for the latest version of SAYMON can be learned by following the link

Visually susceptible

The platform has a rich set of visualization tools for objects and their states, methods for managing the state change criteria, and the ability to connect automatic processing tools when changing states. The presentation of information in the form of charts, diagrams, graphs and counters saves time on the analysis of the received information and makes the information more illustrative.

Always under control

SAYMON uses a flexible alert mechanism. The user themselves chooses a convenient way: e-mail, sms-notification, voice call, which allows to respond quickly to problems with servers.

Easy to learn

All SAYMON reports and statistics, as well as settings, are accessible through the web interface, which provides access to information about the status of the network and the viability of the servers from anywhere. Adjustable settings make the monitoring process accessible and convenient for everyone.

Widely used

Any object of the physical or logical world can be an object of monitoring - for example, RAM, processor, file system, process or program, the amount of users, the file queue for processing, the volume of processed traffic, revenue and other financial indicators, the temperature or chemical composition of gas or liquid. That's why the platform users can be found in the field of telecommunications, industry, logistics, financial organizations, electricity, and healthcare.

Data analysis

The distinctive feature of the platform is the ability to store the original values of the indicators for significant periods of time, providing high speed of recording and access to data. It allows for quick and qualitative analysis of current and past situations, and the construction of mathematically grounded forecasts of future developments.

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